• 151D6509-02

    Roundabout Overturner

    Normally I like roundabouts … they are the quickest, safest, and most efficient way to manage multiple main roads coming together. But they have dangers too …

  • Flags in Oldcastle

    Flag-Waving and Cheers

    I’ll be glad when it is all over, at least until Euro 2016 … the absolute saturation of Ireland with flags, flags, and more flags. And wrong flags to boot.

  • Easter 1916 Euro Coin - © Bernd Biege

    The 1916 Euro

    Now here’s something new – a 2-Euro-coin commemorating the Easter Rising 1916, which has just been released (and which I got as change in a Lithuanian store).

  • Belfast Telegraph Explanation Plaque - © Bernd Biege 2014

    Almost Hidden History

    Passing the offices of the “Belfast Telegraph“, you might just notice that there are some irregularities in the stonework. Scars. And then walk on, without a second thought. After all, it is a city centre building, old, in a city […]