Last Day of “Legal” Tax Evasion

September 30, 2013 Bernd Biege 0

Today, an era of tax evasion ends … it is no longer (semi-)legal to dodge road tax in Ireland. I only found out when I went to the local library and saw that there were queues like I’ve never seen […]

Airbus A380 at FlightFest Dublin 2013

FlightFest Dublin 2013

September 17, 2013 Bernd Biege 0

Once in a lifetime … that usually is not true, but the airshow right over Dublin might fit that billing: FlightFest 2013 was the first such event since 1936. Which places it well outside the three score and ten. So […]

You Actually Have a Choice, Moron!

September 13, 2013 Bernd Biege 0

This must count as one of the most bizarre and moronic headlines of all times … and I took a screenshot from the Irish Times just to document it: The newspaper just shortened what a Labour parliamentarian actually said. Here […]

When Superstitions Collide

September 12, 2013 Bernd Biege 0

Love this … somebody decided she was in dire need of a getaway and some retail therapy, juggled s mid-September break and booked flights to New York. Now flying into the city that never sleeps is exciting enough on any […]

ABC in Hillsborough?

Alien Big Cat in Hillsborough

September 8, 2013 Bernd Biege 0

Just another Sunday stroll in the gardens of Hillsborough Castle, County Down? Beware of stalkers and keep your kids in sight … News of a big black cat on the prowl near Hillsborough might have been exaggerated, but a number […]