Irish Rambles (irishrambles.com) is a website dedicated to Ireland and the Irish … with a slightly tongue-in-cheek title.

As you will see, should you care to read the articles found on this site, it is all about rambling across Ireland. As per definition by the learned dons of Oxford “the activity of walking in the countryside for pleasure”. Well, it will not be all walking, it will be driving, boating, flying too. Whatever makes sense. Whatever helps.

But this site is also hosting a lot of rambling about Ireland. Now here the strict definition would be “lengthy and confused or inconsequential” pieces of communication. Cut out the “confused” and qualify the “inconsequential” as being random, apropos of nothing at times, and you have it.

So, writing about Ireland, about people, places, history, culture, anything that comes to mind, anything that crosses the path. From a personal perspective.

And … without trying to sell anything. Yes, there may be ads on the site, but the site itself is not designed to sell Ireland to you. Not designed to sell you a service, a holiday package, not even a specific image of Ireland to boost tourism (or other parts of the economy). No, here Ireland is what it is. Observed, at times commented upon, but never spit and polish. As in “spat at for being such a bad place” (it isn’t) or in “polished to a golden shine” (not all that glitters and so on).

By the way – Irish Rambles is very much WiP, work in progress. Really. It’ll never be “finished”. And which direction the site takes might be influenced by a lot of things, but often postings will be of the pot luck variety, catch of the day, not related to anything, at times unplanned and spontaneous. Who can say what tomorrow will bring, what lurks around the next corner? It might find its way here – the good, the bad, and the ugly.