Alien Big Cat in Hillsborough

ABC in Hillsborough?
ABC in Hillsborough?

ABC in Hillsborough?
ABC in Hillsborough?
Just another Sunday stroll in the gardens of Hillsborough Castle, County Down? Beware of stalkers and keep your kids in sight …

News of a big black cat on the prowl near Hillsborough might have been exaggerated, but a number of dead sheep and some unexplained pawprints gave rise to the idea that yet another Alien Big Cat (ABC) might be on the prowl in Northern Ireland. A few years ago, one was shot in County Fermanagh – a lynx at the time. The reports of alleged sightings the last few weeks hint more at a black panther, but that is par for the course in these observations.

So … a danger? Or hysteria?

Here are some news reports that highlight the possible sensation:

And in totally unrelated, but nonetheless weird, news: Walkers at Cave Hill beauty spot shocked as naked woman poses for pictures – they were so shocked that they took pictures themselves and too shocked to report it to the police. And I like how “tasteful” comes in.


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