All New for Irish Coast Guard

151-D-7720 Irish Coast Guard - © Bernd Biege 2015

Interesting find while veering off the N3 for a quick drive-through meal: parked in front of a hotel was this spanking new 4×4 in the colours of the Irish Coast Guard:

151-D-7720 Irish Coast Guard - © Bernd Biege 2015

Not only is the vehicle new (a 151 registration for Ireland’s maybe least obvious emergency service would have caught my eye on any day) … but also the livery seems to be new. Up to now vehicles used by the Irish Coast Guard had a white base colour with a day-glow yellow stripe (with darker red pin-striping, like in this example, used by the Irish Coast Guard in County Donegal).

The base colour has not changed, but now we can see a semi-Battenberg on the sides, in yellow and orange. I say “semi” because the full Battenberg livery (often misspelled Battenburg, *sigh*) would have a checkerboard pattern, not just a stripe of alternating colours.

An improvement? Guess the warning effect is very much the same, Battenberg or plain vanilla, if the colours are not really contrasting that much. And as to aesthetics … beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So while I went “Oh, hey …!” at first, the effect did not really last.

Maybe a case of too many Battenbergs about, with the plainer vehicles stealing the show by being different from the norm.

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