Bad Moons Rising

The Rising of the Twin Moons - © Bernd Biege 2014
The Rising of the Twin Moons - © Bernd Biege 2014

A typical story … well, almost, I also had excellent experiences with Irish tradesmen. But time-keeping seems to be a sore spot. Here’s my example:

Phone call on Wednesday, tradesman: “Yeah, I’ll be there first thing Monday …”
Me: “What time?”
Tradesman: “Er … 11 or so …”

Monday, 11:00 – German efficiency has everything in place.
Monday, 12:00 – first call, straight to voicemail, message left.
Monday, 13:00 – second call, straight to voicemail, message left with the hint that I won’t be there after x …
Monday, 14:00 – third call, answered by a child, brat hung up.
Monday, 14:11 – fourth call, finally through …

Tradesman: “Oh Jayzus, look, I could not find a babysitter, I’ll be there in an hour, two tops …”
Me: “Never mind, I won’t, I left a message to that effect.”
Tradesman: “I’m really sorry, I did not get your message, something wrong with the phone, must be …”
Me: “Yeah, when can you come?”
Tradesman: “Tomorrow?”
Me: “No, won’t do, tomorrow doesn’t work for me.”
Tradesman: “But I’m free tomorrow.”
Me: “As I saaaaaaaaaaid …”
Tradesman: “Okay, Wednesday then?”
Me: “Yeah, Wednesday would be …”
Tradesman: “No, Thursday … would Thursday suit?”
Me: “I’ll make it suit …”
Tradesman: “Is tomorrow better?”
Me: “Thursday, let us stay with Thursday – what time?”
Tradesman: “First thing in the morning!”
Me: “9:00?”
Tradesman: “Nah, more … like … say 11, maybe 12 …”
Me: “Okay, but give me a call if it will be later, will you?”
Tradesman: “Ah, that’s a given, wouldn’t leave you hanging there, would I?”
Me: “See you on Thursday, this week, 11 … bye …”
Tradesman: “Er … bye …”

Well, he was there, with all the tools, at 11:45 or so … and then I observed him doing the job. And only oine thought came into my mind:

The Irish tradesman will be there when the twin moons are visible!

The Rising of the Twin Moons - © Bernd Biege 2014
The Rising of the Twin Moons – © Bernd Biege 2014

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