Budget 2017 … meh!

Old, grubby cash ...

Well, that was exciting. Or not. The budget for 2016 was announced well before the speeches even started, let alone the fur flying, more leaks than a Pastafarian ritual headdress. Not that there was a lot to leak, Pensioners are being kept sweet by less than half a pack of cigarettes per week, first time buyers get tax relief (which might bite our own arse sooner or later, another property bubble may follow), take-home-pay gets higher by a pack of cigarettes or so, cigarettes get more expensive by 50 cents – the government is really determined to get rich or die trying, eh? Good news for me, though, better social security for the self-employed on the cards. Apart from that … lots of hot air until the budgeted plans become reality.

So, back to sleep, nothing to see here …

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