Cursed Cottage

Just when you thought it was safe to live near the bogs … the bogtrotters come out in force. Sorry for the racial slur, but I cannot imagine which slurry pit those currently demanding a cottage to be pulled down in Lixnaw (County Kerry) crept out of. Not because it is unsightly. Not because it is in danger of falling down. But because …

… that cottage, it is cursed, I’m telling you!

Won’t believe this is Ireland, anno domini 2014? Actually it is, be it 2014 or 1420, superstition is alive and well. And, after all, there are already five deaths connected to the cottage. There are. Oh yes. Enter stage left the parish priest, always a source of unbiased comment, and quoted in the Irish Examiner speaking thus:

The parish priest of Lixnaw has said there is concern and people believe there is a “máchail” (defect or harm) or “mí-ádh” (bad luck) associated with this particular house on the edge of Ballynageragh bog near the village.

Well, faith and begorrah, if that isn’t reason enough! Apparently Father Maurice Brick was uttering this, being named as the parish priest of Lixnaw on the diocesan website. Though one might have hoped that the local priest would have been a bit more outspoken against such superstitious beliefs. Hinting that only those as thick as a brick … and so on.

But then, the eternal vox populi that is Sinn Fein also pipes up, in the same article:

Councillor Robert Beasley of Sinn Féin yesterday said no one will ever live there again and locals are genuinely concerned in case the council try to locate any other family or individual in the house. He said he had been approached during the recent election campaign and it was raised on doorsteps constantly when he was out canvassing for the May local elections.

Now we have the church and the nationalists working together, it seems, to lift the curse off the land. I mean, after all, “a man who had lived there was stabbed in Wales, another died in a road accident, and in the last 20 years, there have been three tragic deaths in the house.” Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Actually, yeah … if you believe in the myth that simply living in a certain place will place a curse upon your head. And who knows, maybe the cottage disturbed the fairies. Maybe it was built upon a Fianna tomb. Or an old Indian graveyard.

The question is – will people really not move in any more? In that case, the cottage is doomed. And might as well be pulled down. But they haven’t yet tried. And maybe, just maybe, the locals are not so happy with the possibility that yet another outsider might be placed in their midst by the council. Owners of the cottage.

But that wouldn’t be the enlightened Kerrymen and -women we know … so the cottage must be cursed.

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