Death on a Small Island

Garda Divers
Garda Divers

If you go down to the lough today, you sure are in for a big surprise … because, basically, in some areas you won’t be going down to Lough Sheelin at all. Burly gardai and crime scene tape will see to that. Complete with strategically parked cars that mar the view. Like this big one …

Garda Divers
Garda Divers

Yes, indeed, the two missing Dublin men have been found, in our neighbourhood, right across the street (and a few fields and a bit of lake). And after a month it might not come as a surprise that what was found was not a chirpy couple of likely lads, but two cold corpses. Formal identification still pending, as is the actual cause of death to be determined.

The only surprise … the bodies were found on a small island in Lough Sheelin, covered with reeds.

Now if I wanted to dump bodies (not that I want to, but it is an interesting mind game) … would I go to the lengths to put them on a boat, ferry them to an island and then (more or less) hide them there? I don’t think so. The nearest ditch would be as good as any place. Quick, easy.

And, on the other hand, if you need a bit of leeway time-wise – a big net for the protection of fruit trees will set you back just a few Euros, as will a few breezeblocks to be included in the bundle. Wrap the body up in the net, attach concrete blocks (or wrap them in as well), give the whole ensemble the old heave-ho in the middle of the lake and Bob’s your uncle. My estimate for discovery … what was the timeline for hell freezing over?

Obviously there is a message in all this, I guess – the bodies needed to be found, but not straight away. To give a hint to the competition. Because, after all is said and done, this smacks of organized crime, of gangland activity. The families of the missing (now presumed dead) men deny any involvement of their loved ones in nefarious activities. But then who wouldn’t?

Well, anyway, today you can’t throw a stone here without risking a citation for assault on a police officer. Sort of. It is quiet at the moment, things are being set up, the state pathologist is expected, a lonely television cameraman caught a quick shot and then went away again. Not much to see here, move on. But the nearby nursing home has already battened down the hatches and blocked access to the car park. Experience shows that gawkers, the morbidly curious, and especially the extended families will soon congregate on Lough Sheelin’s shore.

Meanwhile, at another part of the lake … life goes on:

Lough Sheelin Geese
Lough Sheelin Geese

The local geese have their young out of the nest and doing the first rounds. A much nicer aspect of the life next to one of the larger lakes in Ireland. I’ll concentrate on that, if you don’t mind. Just sitting in the morning sun and observing these feathered friends (who, after an initial flurry of excitement, accepted my presence stoically) is worth much more than hunting for the “scoop”.

Not in monetary terms, though.

But I totally agree with Mr Micawber – “annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness.” Balance is all.

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