Did the Sandman Visit?

Cavan Dreamtime
Cavan Dreamtime

Large murals are not only found in Dublin (where most are done by graffiti artists) or Northern Ireland (where most are done by political activists) … they can also be found in the country.

Most are crap. Tagging as if South Tipperary was South Central LA, but with less flair and imagination.

And then, occasionally, you spot a gem. Like this (slightly weird) portrait near the library in Cavan (actually on the side of the first house in Church Street):

Cavan Dreamtime
Cavan Dreamtime

Every time I pass by, I am somehow reminded of Neil Gaiman‘s “Sandman”, namely Death. It is not a copy, it is not a pastiche, but it has the same surreal, dream-like quality and the concept of a Goth girl. I may be very simplistic in my perception here, there may be a totally different, totally unrelated message here … but that’s art for you … in the eye of the beholder and all that.

The image is also quite similar to the “Roisin Dubh” mural in Dublin … again, no relation obvious, but the choice of colours influences my perception.

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