Disabled Driver at Lidl Cavan

Now here is a pic that fits in with one of my pet hates … disabled drivers. And I am not referring to the physically disabled here. They do have special rights and other perks regarding motoring, good for them and I don’t begrudge them anything, rather have two legs than being able to park in a designated space and save a bit on road tax. No, I am referring to those amongst us who think (?) that stupidity is a disability and that they own the road anyway, like this gentleman here.

To be fair – he sort of got the idea that you are not allowed to park in a parking space marked for the disabled, but his interpretation of the law was interesting:


But far be it from me to blame the driver for being callous and unthinking, there may be a number of arguments brought up or scenarios that would make his parking more understandable:

  • a. As an activist for the rights of the disabled he confidently asserted his rights and at the same time pointed to the fact that Lidl still provides far more parking spaces for the non-disabled.
  • b. He forgot to display his disabled badge and suffers from such bad hand-eye-coordination that he can’t hit the parking space proper.
  • c. He is a diabetic and extremely low blood sugar clouded his judgement (from the amount of breakfast stuff he was buying this sounds believable) – this excuse once saved a German politician from jail.
  • d. He sensibly judged that as more than a hundred non-disabled spaces were free, his taking away of two disabled spaces was no big deal … and some exercise is good for keeping the disabled fit anyway.

So, all in all, we should not, indeed cannot, apportion blame without knowing the background. Unfortunately getting into a discussion with these drivers does not usually lead to an enlightened intellectual exchange, but to (at best) sneers or (at worst) broken ribs and black eyes. And calling the guards makes no sense either, as these parking lots are private ground – the Wild West of motoring, so to say.

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