Easter Rising 1916 … in Lego!

Recently spotted at the General Post Office in Dublin – a brick-tribute to the Easter Rising of 1916, made from Lego by Paul Derrick from County Monaghan, member of the Irish Association for Adult Friends of Lego. And made from no less than 50,000 individual pieces of Lego (including, at a rough estimate, a few hundred sealed envelopes printed on 2×1 tiles) over a period of two years.

The Lego Take on the Dublin Tram

An eye to detail – even the iconic Dublin trams stranded in Sackville Street were recreated, plus all those letters blown from the smashed windows.

Nelson's Pillar Rose Again

Nelson’s Pillar, even in Lego this massive erection drew some admirers …

Dastardly Brits and the Dublin Metropolitan Police

The boo-hiss contingent, custom minifigures (these are not 100% Lego) representing the loyalist forces. I especially liked the DMP constables in their long overcoats.

Even James Connolly Got the Brick-Treatment

And the old tearjerker … James Connolly lying shot in the GPO, tended by a nurse. Even as a minifigure the Scottish socialist is instantly recognisable.

A Full Interior - Well, Lego-Style

The GPO had a full interior – obviously adapted to suit the medium and scale, but full of details. Shame that this was the least accessible bit of the whole set-up, but needs must.

And one of the kids exploring the interior suddenly started shouting “Dad, dad, there’s Luke Skywalker …” Cool, calm and collected adult ensured his son that he was mistaken, Luke Skywalker would not be there. I had to look …

Young Rebel at the Lego-GPO

As I said to dad: “Well, he was a rebel …!”

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