Eirtakon Dublin 2015 – an Image Selection

Cosplay in Ireland? At a first glance that might be restricted to wearing a soccer outfit with a famous name on it, or dressing up like a gangsta … but far from it! The cosplay scene (and for an attempt at a definition see this Cosplay Primer on MediaMedusa) is indeed alive and well on the Emerald Isle. So much so that in November thousands flocked into Dublin’s Croke Park Conference Centre to see, be seen, buy, play, and have fun.

For a full review of Eirtakon, hop over to Ireland Travel at About.com. Here it is all about the images (linked by thumbnails, just click for a larger version) … of cosplayers, naturally. And by-and-by I hope to identify all of those in the images. If you know anybody, or are in the image yourself, give me a shout in the comments!

Row 1 (above) from left to right:
Aaron – Artem Eremin – Rebecca Reynolds – Becky Walsh (Cosplay Kitten) – David Verweij

Row 2 (above) from left to right:
Chelly Demon Connors – ? – Glenn Mcfadden – Hannah ValentineFiona Kelly

Row 3 (above) from left to right:
Noel McGillianAmy Love – Donald Manning (Token Cosplayer) – ? – ?

Row 4 (above) from left to right:
Drew Shields – AmaitoFuu – Osato Idelegbagbon – Weronika ZdybelCéire Ní Eochaidh Dhálaigh

Row 5 (above) from left to right:
Tymora Freeman-Stannett – Ciara Kavanagh (Saturday’s Child Cosplay) – Edel O’Leary – Emily Neenan (plus Magician) – ?

Row 6 (above) from left to right:
Ades Idelegbagbon – Claire O’Sullivan (Claraxes Cosplay) – ? – ? – ?

Row 7 (above) from left to right:
Matylda Gruszewska (as female Kaneki) – Michaella Faith – ? – Arianna Persechini – ?

Row 8 (above) from left to right:
Chelsea Barry as Jinx from League of Legends (see more of her work at War Panda Cosplay) – ? – Eternally Miku CosplaysJessica Checkley (Alchemypuppet Cosplay … her feet were killing her) – ?

Row 9 (above) from left to right:
? – Ana Thiell – Deirdre de Feu (DeeFeu Cosplay) – Julia Vasiljeva – Janella Equiza

Row 10 (above) from left to right:
Bevin Hickey Rimson – Saud Qazi – ? – ? – Ruairi Mcalinden

Row 11 (above) from left to right:
Susan Harding as Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler – Laura Ritsuka Mitchell and Declan Quinn (checking wigs – they can be found on Instagram as heichou_kuin and kitsuneike) – Megan McLaughlin – Luke O’Brien – ?

Row 12 (above) from left to right:
Deirdre de Feu (again) and … Nipukki – James Breen (Diamond Dog Cosplay) – Ciara Kennedy – ? – Shannon Reilly

Row 13 (above) from left to right:
James Breen (again) – Tara Gavigan as Hatsune Miku – ? – Tim Porter – Tymora Freeman-Stannett (again)

Row 14 (above) from left to right:
? – Meri Manninen – ? – Daria AL – ?

Row 15 (above) from left to right:
? – ? – Julia Vasiljeva (again) – ? – Gemma Lee

Row 16 (above) from left to right:
Garry Powell (adjusting sandal straps) – Natasha SazenskiBochao Chen – ? – ?

Row 17 (above) from left to right:
? – Peter Nolan – Ethan Noah Darling (on the right, with unknown young friend) – Chelsea Barry (again) as Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy (see more of her work at War Panda Cosplay) – Jessica Shiels Smith

Row 18 (above) from left to right:
Marty Broski (Arty and Maidan Cosplay) – Graham DillonWidge Smyth – David Verweij (again) – Aidan Rogers (Irish Deadpool Cosplay)

Row 19 (above) from left to right:
Niamh Louise WallisJai AllenBecky Kina Bradley – NipahDUBS – Annabelle Darcy

Row 20 (above) from left to right:
Kyle Kildea and Lee Chambers – ? – Maebh Daly – H.A. – ?

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