Expensive Dublin?

So, Dublin is the 12th most expensive city to have a city break in … must be true … because TripAdvisor says so. In a recent survey the booking and review website found out that London was the most expensive city, Hanoi the best treat. Surprise? Not really. And it should also not come as a surprise that Dublin is far from the bargain basement of city trips.

But what really bugs me …

Doesn’t the price of a city break actually depend on what you, the traveller, needs? Yes, I have pigged out on an expense account in London. Having said that, I also spent far less of my own money there. Same in Dublin, I have been invited to hotels I’d not choose myself. Not that they were bad, but they simply did not offer value for money. In my book.

So, what are the basics TripAdvisor thinks the traveller needs? Well, just a cocktail in a five-star hotel, a meal for two, taxis to and from a restaurant and an overnight stay in a four-star hotel. And that, in their book, comes to about € 265.

Well, yes … thinking back to my last, very enjoyable stay in Dublin … decent room, a bit of walking, a very good buffet, a pint in the pub … came to less than € 100.

Horses for courses, as they say, of course. Not everybody would see Jimmy Chung’s, let alone the Indian in the Moore Street Mall food court, as fine dining. That’s because it isn’t. It is cheap and cheerful. And 57 channels on the hotel television are not my thing anyway. And as for fancy cocktails … you see, I am quite a simple man.

Hence I also tend to travel that bit cheaper. But if you insist, go ahead, spend your money … TripAdisor will be happy to help you. After all, it is a booking platform. And by quoting € 265 some people might be lured into thinking that € 200 already represent a real bargain.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Big cities are better than smaller locations for finding exquisite little cheap places to stay and eat for the frugal traveler. There are also always the options of a picnic which requires visiting the markets while providing a bit of extra local color or finishing the over-indulgent breakfast at a bed and breakfast so you want nothing else all day. Besides, when traveling from afar, a stop in one of the near-to-Dublin towns and riding the DART to the city adds to the experience.

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