Glasnevin – Random Images

Recently I visited Glasnevin again … and I am really not sure how many visits I made to this sprawling necropolis just outside Dublin’s centre proper.

Always amazed by the devotion shown to Michael Collins. Contrasting with the non-devotion at the grave of his main opponent, the opportunistic, yet immensely successful, Eamon de Valera. Glasnevin is the eternal home to the human remains of many an important Irishman or -woman. And of many, many more who are deemed not that important, but who played their role, for better or worse, a short while or a long, on the bid stage or just at home.

One day I might actually catalogue the graves, the images, the impressions … ah, yes … another project that always hangs around yet is never tackled in earnest … Dublin’s Cemeteries. For the visitor, Glasnevin is as good a start as any, maybe the best. Because of Collins. And the others. And the museum.

Go there … at least once … and take your time to explore.

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