Harvest in Ballynahinch

Fighting for King George

Back from a very enjoyable Sunday (we skipped the torrential Saturday) at the Ballynahinch Game and Harvest Festival in County Down. Recommended? Well, this was a new one for us, and compared to the Irish Game and Country Fair at Birr Castle seemed a bit smaller. Also the crowds were not as big (though the uncertain weather might have been a major factor in this). But, yes, we’ll go again – from fine food to living history, from country sports to music, everything was there. Grand day out all in all. And here’s a selection of images for your perusal:

Montalto House Picturesque Cottage Summer House Mushroom Pot Pie

Fighting for King George The Rebels are Coming! Fire! Smiley Sparrow

Rebellets Manly Fighting, arrrrr ... Viking Chocolate Pudding UVF Memorabilia

Stranded Bunny Porter Raingear Feast or Famine? Pipes and Drums

Vintage Living Routemaster Café Quiet Men Punt Gun on the Lake

Beady Eye At the Joust ... Cheating Checkmate Mudfight

Oh, unless you noticed yourself … clicking on the thumbnail will get you a bigger image. And clicking on that will get you a full-sized one. All under copyright, of course …

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