HMS Caroline in Pictures

Visualizing Jutland

We recently were guests on HMS Caroline, Belfast’s newest (and only floating) museum – and a venerable survivor of the Battle of Jutland. If you want to have a look at our in-depth review of HMS Caroline, see it on’s Ireland Travel. The short version: “well worth going!” Including the Irish stew.

Here is a selection of images. As you may notice, the weather was atrocious on the day (well, so was most of the Irish summer of 2016, but me, Belfast and maritime events do have form in getting soaked anyway). Then again, warships in grey are grey in any weather, and a wet wooden deck is nicer to look at (though not that nice to walk on) any time!

HMS Caroline In Port That Shed The Bridge

Caroline's Stern Gun Port Gun Captain's Quarters Marines' Mess

Officer's Cabin Officers' Mess The Ship's Cat Food, Glorious Food

Engine Room Dazzle Camouflage Full Steam Ahead Visualizing Jutland

By the way, HMS Caroline is moored just a short walk from Titanic Belfast – so why not make it a full day of maritime history?

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