Irish Game & Country Fair – Birr Castle 2016

A Triumph!

August 27th and 28th saw Birr Castle in County Offaly as a hive of activity again – the Irish Game & Country Fair 2016 was on, and again it was a winner. Like last year’s event (see images here), it was a mix of everything – food fair, country lifestyle and sports, entertainment, food, living history, and food. Well, maybe less food this time (Herself was heard complaining bitterly that yer man with the soda bread from Northern Ireland could not be found), but again we went home happy with a bundle of cheeses and some delicious game.


So, apart from the excellent jousting by Knights of the North (put on by Les Amis d’Onno, with Jacob Martin again hamming it up beautifully as the dastardly Sir Checkmate), what did strike eye, lens or palate? Here are some random images (well, thumbnails, klick on them to see the full image) …

Eastern Vikings, ready for battle, unravelling Gordian knots, and smiling in (presumably) anticipation of Valhalla.

Weaving Vikings (even with dogs’ hair), a German-born trader, and a Knight Hospitaller convincing people that the HSE is not that bad after all.

Women on the battlefield? Why not … others were scaring children in a dragon suit. And some youngsters managed to suppress a smile.

Viking family time (watching knights beating each other up), potter Jaqui Wright making an offering to the gods, and a punter being informed that he can pick up his bread in a week … I think.

Just some country stuff in-between …

… and some food (of sorts), those Scotch Eggs were worth murdering for!

The Living History Village, attracting a lot of interest … but you could also win a piece of agri-history in the form of this 1959 Massey-Ferguson, raffle tickets went for a tenner.

While the reenactors had a breather, the knights lined up for the joust.

Sir Antoine sharing a joke with the Saracen, clashing with Sir Checkmate, and finally being dispatched in a definitely un-knightly way.

But revenge was at hand, Sir Checkmate got a good kick in the goolies and had to crawl from the battlefield. Mind you, at the end of the day I was nearly crawling too! Though not so elegantly dressed or coiffured.

Trying to Get Away From It All ...
Trying to Get Away From It All …

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  1. Shooting line was excellent. 50 bird sporting was well set up for everyone well done to the organisers. Do if you can add a down the line for next year. Rest of fair much improved. I’ll be back.

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