Irish Maths

There has been a long history of problems regarding Irish schools and maths … and it shows. Like I recently discovered in Heatons. Where a bargain did not seem to be that good after all. On the other hand it seemed to prove that Irish maths are not that much different from British maths …


You gotta be kiddin’ me … or are you plain stupid … or do you think I am stupid … or is this a rip-off?

The reduction on the Euro price is 23%. Twentythree! That is a long way off thirty. Another case of Rip-Off-Republic?

Not really, as the reduction in the United Kingdom is … er … not 30%, but also 23%. Marginally different (if you want to be exact, I simply rounded), but generally speaking the same.

Just wondering whether Heatons asks applicants for jobs how their maths skills are?

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