La Dublin Vita è Bella

Dolce Vita in Dublin - © Bernd Biege 2014
Dolce Vita in Dublin - © Bernd Biege 2014

Standing joke … Dublin weather is the opposite of Islam: rarely sunny, mostly shite. But there are those moments when you actually could think you are in a better climate area. Like last week, in-between showers, on the Liffey boardwalk.

Dolce Vita in Dublin - © Bernd Biege 2014
Dolce Vita in Dublin – © Bernd Biege 2014

We had some time to kill before boarding the boat for a “Dublin Discovered” tour (yeah, stressful work assignment again). And for the first time ever we sat down on the Liffey boardwalk to enjoy a quick espresso. Actually grateful of the shade provided by the parasols, that were actually not threatening to fly away any second. A very strange feeling (and a very good espresso – at the small booth near O’Connell Bridge).

To be honest – after ten or so years of its existence, the Liffey boardwalk lived up to its underlying idea of an “attraction” for the first time. Helped by not too much traffic (it was strangely quiet that day, a Thursday, school holidays still on), sunshine, nearly no wind (except for a slight breeze that kept the exhaust fumes away). Also helped by the absence of druggies and dealers, often mentioned in conjunction with this part of Dublin. Don’t know whether Dublin is cleaning up its act right now … or it was just the early morning (10 am is, I suppose, early morning for the more shady part of the population). And it was clean too – so I could not rant on about the nuisances I hate in Dublin.

Anyway – the right place at the right time. Sometimes you have to be lucky … even if it takes a few years to score.

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