Living History in the Phoenix Park

On the second weekend in September, Phoenix Park hosted a “Living History” event at the Visitor Centre – which, in my humble opinion, could have been better publicised. We drove over, and had a blast of a time. Basically it was colourful, full of diversity (at least as far as periods go), and had some really great reenactors. Saturday was our day, with great weather … I gather the next day was a wee bit “softer”, as the Irish say. But without further ado, here’s a selection of images.

The Viking Period

Stars of the weekend (for me at least) were the good people of Sveinald, who once again showed off their skills in recreating the period of the Eastern Vikings … and in beating the hell out of each other. Helmets off to them! Below we see Ravan blowing the horn to assemble the warriors, Carmel explaining the life of a Viking mom, Wiesław getting ready for battle, the lads having a go at it, Olga documenting everything on the ViPhone, Karolina getting ready for her best Elsa impression, and Smiley taking an involuntary nap in the grass (he was actually pulled backwards by gravity and the weight of his armour when trying to drink) …

Loud and Clear! Viking Mom Minding the Armour Does My Beard Look Big in This? Take That!

The ViPhone - Essential Gear "Let it go, let it go ...." Smiley Down!

Medieval Tales

The inimitable Dynah (of Scotia Armoury, Clink and Puppet Display) occupied Ashtown Castle and did her best to make dragons popular again …

Dinah, Mother of Dragons

The Renaissance Period

George Logan, a knowledgeable man … and very good at making history come alive for inquisitive kids!

A Real Renaissance Man

Who’s Afraid of ’98?

An Irish rebel of 1798 – yes, some wore uniform …

A Rebel of 1798


Two British infantrymen exchanging opinions … or smelling something fishy?

Napoleonic Veterans

The War Between the States

Confederates came in both styles – grey, and low-quality butternut …

Pensive Confederate The Confederates Weren't All Grey, in Fact More Wore Butternut ....

First World War

An Australian trooper, somehow going for a cross-period date, it seems? Note Viking youngster pillaging in background …


Second World War

A mix … US paratrooper, Soviet Naval Infantry, and a Soviet partizan (who could also serve craft beer in a hipster bar at a pinch), all members of The WW2 Club:

Airborne All the Way Soviet Naval Infantry Soviet Partizan (or Early Hipster)

Vietnam War

The average age of the US combat soldier in Vietnam was 19 … well, never mind that, otherwise they looked the job:

The Average Age of the Combat Soldier in Vietnam was ... er ... 19?

Small Wars You Might Have Forgotten

Irish UN contingent …

Irish UN Contingent

And Some Wargames

Tucked away in a corner (and maybe not seen by many) were the wargamers, who had a handful of exciting displays … here are shots of a Viking raid, a battle of the Irish wars during the Renaissance and Tudor period, and a glimpse of some German airplanes patrolling the skies over Flanders …

28mm Vikings on a Raid Tudor English Versus an Irish-Spanish Army A Miniature Flying Circus

Oh, and the title image is Damian from Sveinald …


    • Hi David
      I have run a similar event on a smaller scale in Bunratty. If possible Id like to chat with you about your experience. Could I give you a call at your convenience?
      Marie Brennan

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