Models in the Spotlight

Hoofed it to the IPMS Ireland National Model Show in the Pearse Hotel (Dublin) yesterday … all over an enjoyable day was had. Loads of excellent models on display at a level that I won’t even aspire to, but also heartening to see less “competitive” models on the club tables. Took some images that should show the variety, concentrating on Irish subjects and those that caught my eye – totally personal choice. Also had a good natter with Michael from Gdansk (… the Sligo Branch …) and a slightly surreal tea-time with Pat (… actor and orc-man …) as well as a few traders and fellow modellers. Very international bunch too. Slightly shocked by some of the prices one trader thought he could get away with in these internet days – charging almost a third more than the internationally accepted RRP simply won’t do. That was for current models … better value on old, obsolete ones though. Ah, well … here are the images:

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