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Map-Mural in Dublin - © Bernd Biege 2014
Map-Mural in Dublin - © Bernd Biege 2014

It may be just me, but … if somebody tells me that a journey from Cavan to Enniskillen is too much “because my satnav is broken” … is there really any hope for mankind? Look, you hit the N3 at this Cavan roundabout, then carry straight on, straight on, straight on … and you arrive in Enniskillen. 56 kilometres or so, as that sign there says. Yes, a road sign, it actually helps you finding the way.

People are not used to maps, the printed variety, any more. And if they use the maps on the web, they have no idea how to translate this into reality.

Hence my nostalgic feeling when I unearthed this snapshot. Taken in the vicinity of the Dublin Docklands. And I am not so sure whether the mural hasn’t been destroyed by now. Would be useless, anyway, some bridges missing. But still …

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