Roundabout Overturner

Normally I like roundabouts … they are the quickest, safest, and most efficient way to manage multiple main roads coming together. But they have dangers too … like when you take them too fast. And this seems what has happened here.

This morning traffic in Cavan was slightly affected by an overturned truck:

Whooomph – I always thought these scrap metal recycling trucks look overloaded and wobbly. This one went the whole nine yards, doing a sideways flop onto the outer lane of the Dublin Road roundabout. Effectively blocking traffic from Cavan towards Dublin.

Manageable by two gardai … and several tow trucks and cranes on standby. But as I was told, “Lifting it is not the problem, first we have to get all the shite out of it.” Hence a second scrap metal truck emptying the load with a crane.

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