Same Job, Same Shite

Not going to go into the horrific murder-suicide that happened in our neighbourhood yesterday, the fall-out of which is tangible, and the immediate response by emergency services I witnessed … hits too near home.

But one thing that struck me in the media, as witnessed by the screenshot from the Irish Independent website seen here, is the need to highlight the ban garda, even though the term is not used any more.

“It’s understood a female garda was one of those who made the horrific discovery …”

Yes, so it may have been. I occasionally see garda patrols with women here in the sticks. And even two females in one patrol car, which would be the whole garda presence far and wide at times. They do the same job as their male colleagues. Same pay, same responsibilities, same expectations.

By highlighting that a female garda found the bodies, the newspaper shows a very old-fashioned attitude … implying that women should be spared such “horrific discoveries”. Rubbish. You choose the job, you choose the shite that comes with it. And stick it out, or chuck the job in. I’ve had two acquaintances who could not hack their police jobs any more. One walked away from it into the private sector. The other took his government-issue weapon into the woods and blew his brains out.

But … sex should never come into it. And definitely not through a third party. Then again I am sure that most readers will lap it up. “Ah, the poor women …”

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