Seasonal Offerings

Actually, today is a good day … bitterly cold, admitted, but we have brilliant sunshine, no wind and the birds are going full tilt boogie with their spring thing. Tweeting, posturing, begging for food. Time to get the hedge trimmed and five trees felled (the storm did not do it, bugger) before nesting starts. And more firewood is needed anyway. Going to order a ton bag next week, to top up. Keeping warm, the culchie way. Plus soaking in some sunshine.

Other people might go more modern, technological ways … lets you sleep longer and so on. So here’s what Maplins currently offers for the Irish winter and spring:


The classic Ireland Combo – an electric heater (which will break your bank balance, but has heat at the flick of a switch) and an anti-SAD light. Which, admittedly, might be a big bonus for those people cooped up in a mega-office all day, with no daylight at all.

Does it help? Don’t know – never tried it in earnest (heat yes, but the anti-SAD light no), even though tend to suffer from the blues quite often. But then again I do that year-round. And even in subtropical climes where one is happy to get out of the sun. So, no deal.

They also had other stuff – a heated vest, heated mittens and even a heated seat pillow. Just in case you are wondering.

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