Shepherd’s Warning Indeed

The sky this morning … and what was that old saying again? “Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning!” True, it bucketed down later in the day, intermixed with sunshine. Which makes for nice rainbows (Irish standard postcard image) and dodgy roads (Irish standard potholes are not imaginable). Just another day in paradise. Where leprechauns drown.

Well, whatever …

Just how strange Ireland can be was revealed once more by the water.

While flood warnings are barely audible through the noise of the monstrously huge raindrops pelting the car roof, another newsflash comes through – “most homes in Dublin councils and parts of Wicklow, Kildare will have no water from 8pm to 7am” as the Irish Times says. It is an infrastructure thing. The De Lorean of utilities planning. Sporty car with low quality and no roads to drive it on …

Red sky at night, shepherd’s cottage alight.

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