Sneezing My Life Away

It is the sneezing season again … any hayfever sufferer will sympathize. Itchy, teary, sniffly, life goes on but loses a bit of quality. And when the pollen really goes a-flying, no chemicals or natural remedies will give you more than a temporary relief. Hence indoor activities. As much as a waste of sunshine and good weather that might be.

And … watching the pollen forecast for those crucial planning stages. When other people look for sunshine and warmth, us sufferers of the mighty sneeze look for low pollen count and, odd as we are, rejoice at a bit of bad weather. Unfortunately … Met Eireann only does a forecast in the main season. But that is now. So all well and good until they scrap it again.

If you need information of allergy stuff related to the weather, here are my trusted sources:

  • Met Eireann Pollen Information – as I said, not available all year, but generally the most reliable when updated. Simply because they are the guys measuring it. Has forecasts and current count according to the provinces, not the counties.
  • Asthma Society of Ireland – has a pollen tracker available from April to November, and some medical information … but no other weather info.
  • Met Office (UK) Pollen Forecast – similar to Met Eireann, but from a UK perspective. Oddly enough their forecast for Northern Ireland seems to differ from the Irish forecast for Ulster (which might be because it is much more regional).
  • provides pollen forecasts at a local level … but I can only find them quickly through Google.
  • has a pollen forecast for “Ireland”, but that would be Ireland in West Virginia … this service is only available in 48 US states actually (not in Alaska and Hawaii).

So, wherever you may sneeze … bless you! And always have those soft tissues and handkerchiefs ready for deployment … *sniff*

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