Some Old Vehicles on Parade

Vintage Vehicles at Enniskillen's Saint Patrick's Parade - © Bernd Biege 2015

What to do on Saint Patrick’s Day? Well, for us the decision was fairly easy: avoid Dublin and other big cities, visit a rural parade instead. And the choice for this year was Enniskillen, just a short car ride away, getting some shopping in as well. The 2015 event was very family-focused and offered loads of activities for kids. And a parade with floats, bands and … old vehicles.

So off I went, to position myself smack bang in the middle of the road at the start of the parade (the traffic island at the bus station makes a great vantage point), and to snap away. Here is the loot.

Okay, I admit … the support bus shown was only parked at the back of the station, but it is old nonetheless. And the red Rover did somehow not make it into the parade at all, despite being staged to go at the Lakeland Forum.

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