Take the Ferry or Fly?

As the day is ending and Dollymount Strand (the southernmost portion of Bull Island) is becoming quieter again, two worlds seem to intermix and nearly collide …


A cargo ferry heads into Dublin Port at full steam while kite-surfers glide across the waves and do the occasional jump (sometimes ending in a humiliating splash). The sky over the Irish Sea already takes on a pinkish hue on the horizon, it is already getting dark in Wales. In Dublin the sun is still out, just about, and even in cloud shadow the inflatable kites make for a colourful addition to the scene.

Time for a last spin, time for a leisurely evening walk on the wall or on the beach.

Before the next guests arrive … amongst them courting couples who see the car as a convenient substitute for a quiet bedroom, dedicated drinkers and various oddballs. Though Bull Island, more specifically Dollymount Strand, has considerably cleaned up its act. Boulders deter most boy racers and prevent the famous submerging cars as well. And the view is great. On a clear day.

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