The Beer is Here

Current beer hauls are not too bad at the favourite discounters, and even prices are getting silly. Let us look at what’s on offer these days.

First off … Aldi. Nice surprise, they stock (temporarily) Frühlings Festbier in nice reusable bottles – as our recent visit to the real Frühlingsfest in Bad Cannstatt was a complete wash-out, this offering from Schwabenbräu was very welcome. Not cheap at (I think) € 2.49, but still.

Talking about prices … next to the German brew are half litre cans of “Breysers”, billed as an American-style pils, and Karlskrone, despite the name a lager from France. Haven’t tasted them yet, but at € 0.99 each I think it might be a good mixer. And even if the Murican one may taste like goats’ piss … that’s the authentic Murican beer taste anyway, isn’t it?

On to the competition …

Our friends at Lidl surprised with a “Balkan Week” (I think for the first time ever here), and added some traditional beers into the mix. Half-litre cans of Ožujsko from Croatia, plus bottles of Kamenítza from Bulgaria and Timișoreana from Romania. All quality brands, so let teh fun begin!

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