The Flying Squad in Cavan


Well, no, it is the Garda Air Unit … and they are out to look for some missing persons. Not that missing persons usually get the full treatment if they are adults. Unless they are “vulnerable”. Like, diabetics on the last leg. Or suffering from dementia, or Alzheimer. Or missing from prison. Or a threat, to themselves or somebody else. But all this seems to be not-quite-applicable in the excitement around our neighbourhood.

No, here (in the words of the Irish Times) we are looking for two men whose “families contacted both Ballymun and Santry garda stations where they expressed grave concerns for their wellbeing”. And, as the saying goes, “both of the mising [sic] men are known to gardai”. And “it is believed they travelled to Ballyjamesduff, or somewhere in the vicinity of the town, for a prearranged meeting”.

The prevailing opinion is that the two men might have come to harm. Or as an anonymous 999 call less delicately put it: their bodies have been dumped in a field.

And here the Irish Times helpfully explains to their West Brit readership … “search efforts have been hampered somewhat due to the rural nature of the landscape which includes a number of small lakes, streams and drumlins”. To be quite honest, if a number of bodies were dumped in the fields in the vicinity, the first we’d hear about it would be when the crows congregate. Or a four-legged visitor leaves a gift in the form of a slightly decomposed hand or foot. Herself already suggested that nobody would notice a body tied to a few breeze-blocks in most of the lakes anyway.

Which, sort of, explains why Cavan may be a good place to do business … for some … and not a safe haven from the nefarious goings-on of the big smoke. Just yesterday another house was broken into in the village. Home invasions and burglaries are on the rise in Ireland’s rural areas. As are the numbers of shotguns legally held to deal with “vermin”.

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