Tunnelling Terrors

Tunnelling to extremes ... - © Bernd Biege 2014
Tunnelling to extremes ... - © Bernd Biege 2014

Look who we met … following on from our visit to Dublin Zoo, we also hit Belfast Zoo for another long day (and yes, my leg muscles bear witness to several trips up and down that hill). Some parts changed, others changing, loads unchanged. And another, longer feature is to follow. Once we are dry again … it really was suddenly pouring down at the most inopportune moment (away from shelter, though the zoo has a lot of it).

Highlight of the day? Well, I always like the bears … but being able to observe the fossa for quite some time was very interesting. Though I was always tempted to do a King Julian impression …

Okay, if you need more images, they are now up at my Belfast Zoo image gallery here on this site. And for a full write-up of our most recent visit, please see “A Visit to Belfast Zoo” at the About.com Ireland Travel site.

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