When Superstitions Collide

irishrambles-superstitionLove this … somebody decided she was in dire need of a getaway and some retail therapy, juggled s mid-September break and booked flights to New York. Now flying into the city that never sleeps is exciting enough on any day. Been there, done that, got the snapshot. But to add to the excitement, her best offer for a flight was on September 11th. Hmmmm …Bin Laden done that date in.

So she juggled dates again and got a nearly as cheap and convenient flight two days later.

Telling the story she mentioned that normally she does not heed anniversaries etc.pp., but that flying into NYC on 9/11 seemed a bit too much. Her being superstitious and everything. Better not tempt fate by such a “wrong” date to fly. Fair enough. When superstition rears its ugly head, rationality dies …

Up came the question: “So … it doesn’t bother you to fly on Friday the 13th then?”

Cue a very quick rush to the booking website of the airline and a very dismal face when faced with immense charges or the alternative … to tempt fate anyway.

Funny somehow – for ages Friday 13th has been seen as a “bad day” and nobody really knows why. Paraskevidekatriaphobia has been documented not before the 19th century, yet origins are said to hark back to Biblical times. Chet Baker and Tupac Shakur didn’t have a good day on Friday the 13th, but countless others have. The Indians and the Chinese don’t give a flying fart about the date. The Spanish hate Tuesday 13th.

But yet … the legend lives on and on and on. And is re-invented anew on a regular basis by “researchers” who also claim that there is a real 27 Club.

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