Whole Lotta Money Problems

So, the Budget … it is coming and we are already seeing some sweeties being distributed (free GPs for kiddies, no matter how much the parents earn, ain’t that nice), the “interested parties” engaging in pre-moaning and everyone else ducking for cover. Where will it hit? Who will be missed? Or missing out? Enda is playing the optimistic man, I am playing the waiting game. We’ll see tomorrow.

One thing is sure … the sob stories will follow. Like this one in the Sunday Times a week ago:


Lotta is broke because she watched a whole lotta netflix and now owes a whole lotta money to her broadband provider. Running up a bill of around a thousand Euro with a “free” trial is a new record, I suppose. And as usual … the company is to blame. The consumer consumes without checking the hows and whys, and when the bill rolls in, you simply say you cannot pay. And blame “the man”. Or the bank because they gave you a credit you really did not need …

Can’t hear those stories anymore. And it’ll be worse after the Budget, whatever is in the Budget.

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